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Modell 722

Cooper Tubes and Copper Fins

The Thermatron 722 Series Heat Exchanger couples the industry-leading efficiency of our 720 design in a 9.5" x 9.0" heat transfer area.

Thermal capability ranges up to 100 Watts / ºC, depending on configuration.

The 722 series is appropriate for applications that employ other non aggressive liquids as coolants.

Each 722 Unit utilizes: 

  • Thermatron's proprietary high efficiency fin design
  • Mechanically bonded 90-10 cupreous-nickel tubes
  • Silver-solder brazed joints
  • 100% Pressure Test
  • Internally cleaned & corrosion protected
  • Externally coated for corrosion protection

The 722 series is available in a large number of preexisting designs, or can be customized to your specific requirements, usually with
no engineering / design charge.

The 722 series can be fitted with numerous standard or custom fitting
and fan combinations.

Thermal performance for Water & Air

Pressure drop for Air Flow