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Tputty 506 /, Tputty 506™ Series Gap Filler Material

Soft Silicone Putty

Tputty™ 506 is a soft, single part, silicone putty thermal gap filler in which no cure is required. This gapfiller is ideal for applications where large gap tolerances are present and in which traditional gap fillerpads may apply added pressure on components. This material can be dispensed to fill large and unevengaps in assemblies.

Tputty™ 506 has a composition which yields superior thermal performance and super compliancy.This material transfers little to no pressure between interfaces. Because Tputty™ 506 is more viscousthan grease, bleed and pump-out usually associated with grease is eliminated. Specialized rheologyallows for easy flow under pressure. Tputty™ 506 is non-abrasive which leads to less wear on dispensingequipment and therefore reduced equipment maintenance/repair costs.