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Tpcm™ FSF-52 Phase Change Material

Tpcm™ FSF-52 is a free standing film. It contains no substrate. At temperatures greater than 52°C, Tpcm™ FSF-52 changes into a molten state and, under low closure force, wets the heat sink and component surfaces to create a very thin, low thermal resistance interface.

Tpcm™ FSF-52 is thixotropic and won't flow from the interface. Tpcm™ FSF-52 has superior thermal performance comparable to the highest performing grease and phase change products available.

Since it is a free standing film, it is easy to handle and is a great replacement for messy grease.

Tpcm™ FSF-52 is available as individual die cut parts, kiss cut parts on rolls or sheets, and uncut rolls. Tpcm™ FSF-52 is 0.005" (0.125mm) and available with or without adhesive.