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Series IHM/IHV

This new design offers many benefits over conventional heatsinks with standard flat baseplate.

The series IHM/IHV has been developed especially for IGBT with outside dimensions of 130 x 140 mm and 190 x 140 mm.

  1. Because of the tight fin spacing, the highest possible heat transfer per unit volume is achieved.

  2. Due to the special shape of the baseplate, a 20 to 25% higher heat dissipation is achieved as compared to conventional baseplate designs.

  3. Typical properties of these heatsinks are:
    • small temperature gradient
    • high latent heat capacity
    • high heat time constant
The thermal resistance depends on the length and air flow volume (m3/s).

Any desired length can be supplied. On request the IHM/IHV heat sinks can be supplied with fan.


X mm

L mm H mm
Typ Rth per Modul
min max Stand. K/kW
IHM 260 300 1200 163 24
IHV 330 300 1200 183 15

The curve shows the thermal resistance of the heat sink as a function of the heat sink length x volume flow rate.

To calculate for example the necessary volume flow rate for a given heat sink proceed as follows:


Number of IGBT modules:
Power rating per module: W
Total length of heat sink: m
Max. temperature rise: K

 Total volume flowrate
IHV: m³/s
IHM: m³/s