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Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger System AirCool Ventus
Cooling Capacity 17.9 kW to 71.6 kW

  • Single-circuit system including tank open to atmosphere 
  • Without active refrigeration
  • Heat discharged into the ambient air
  • Plastic tank with water level indicator
  • Electronic microprocessor-controlled thermostat with digital display (LED)
  • Error messages displayed as individual codes by controller
  • Control cabinet with main switch
  • Built-in pump (see pump characteristics)
  • Housing powder-coated, colour RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • Due to the process employed, the exit temperature of the cooling medium is always above the ambient temperature
  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Absolutely reliable design
  • Contains all the components required for the fully automatic cooling process


Model AirCool Ventus   ACVE 018
Cooling capacity at dT of 5K*/20K* kW 17.9 / 71.6
Cooling medium Water
Rated coolant flow m3/h 3.1
Pump type  P3-AR02B
Pump pressure** bar 2.6
Tank capacity litres 100
Water connection Inch R 1" Female
Required flow of cooling air m3/h  8.000
Power input max. kW 1.6
Operating voltage Volts/Hz/Phase 400 / 50 / 3
Weight kgs 198
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 760 x 1325 x 1525

*Above the current ambient temperature.
**Pressure at rated coolant flow.

Alternative units: ACVE 010 and 035

AirCool Ventus + options / accessories:  Cat. No.
AirCool Ventus ACVE 018 GUACVE018-NEB
Pump P5-AS13B instead of P3-AR02B MACVE6-P5-AS13B-018
Pump P9-AT08B instead of P3-AR02B MACVE6-P9-AT08B-018
Water flow switch ZACVE6-008-018
Continuous-flow system without tank on request
4 swivel castors, 2 with brakes ZACVE5-021-018
Export version with special voltages / frequencies on request

Additional options and accessories as well as pump alternatives on request.

AirCool Ventus (with option colour RAL 7043 - traffic grey B)