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Tpcm™ 900 Series Phase Change Material

Tpcm™ 900 is a high performance, non-electrically conductive phase change material. At 50°C, Tpcm™ 900 begins to soften and flow, filling the microscopic irregularities of both the thermal solution and the component's surfaces, thereby reducing thermal resistance.
Tpcm 900 is a flexible solid at room temperature and freestanding without reinforcing components that reduce thermal performance.

Tpcm 900 shows no thermal performance degradation after 1000 hours at 130°C, or after 500 cycles, from -25°C to 125°C. The material softens and does not fully change state resulting in minimal migration (pump out) at operating temperatures.

Tpcm 900 is supplied in rolls with top tabbed liners for easy manual or large volume automatic application. Individually die cut parts can also be supplied.