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Tgrease™ 2500

Environmentally Friendly Thermally Conductive Grease.

Tgrease™ 2500 is a silicone-free thermal grease for use in high performance CPU’s and GPU’s. With a high thermal conductivity of 3.8 W/m-K, Tgrease™ 2500 thoroughly wets out thermal surfaces to create very low thermal resistance.

Tgrease™ 2500 eliminates the migration issues of silicone based grease to create superior reliability. Tgrease™ 2500 is ideal for situations where automatic dispensing and screen-printing are required.

Tgrease™ 2500 is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Tgrease™ 2500 is available in 1 kg (pint container), 3 kg (quart container), and 10 kg (gallon container) or custom packaged in syringes for automated applications.