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Plastic Moulding

Welcome to DAU Plastics Mould Tool Cooling Systems.

Our Mold Tool Cooling Systems Catalogue covers our specialised range of high performance thermal ancillary components for effective management of demanding heat dissipation and cooling systems required in modern rapid cycle plastic injection mould tools.

The rapid heating and cooling cycle of a moulding tools in production challenges us in with a complex sequence of thermally conflicting processes which need to be managed effectively in order to maximise overall efficiency and manufacturing productivity.

„Well balanced mould temperature control – requires well balanced mould cooling facilities“

Successful temperature control management of the moulding cycle using sophisticated electronic controlling systems to regulate heat input depends very much on an efficient, and balanced cooling facilities built into the mould tool. In practice this may often be difficult to achieve due to the intricacy and to the mechanical layout of moulds which may restrict the use of conventional cooling facilities.

Particular regard is needed with respect to the cooling of core pins which are inherently positioned in the centre sections of the mould and are subjected to the high temperature and high heat flux density of the molten material on injection into the mould cavity. Our range of industry standard thermal components for heat dissipation offer proven and reliable solutions to optimise the mould tool performance, improving both yield and quality of mouldings.

Our product range...
  • Super Thermal Conductors 
  • Cool Jets 
  • Pressure Plugs 
  • Thermal Interfacing Compounds
  • Specialised Bespoke Cooling Components to Customer Specification 

Engineering Staff at DAU Ges.m.b.H & Co KG Thermal Solutions Development Centre have many years of experience in design testing and manufacture of thermal management systems, with “inhouse” test moulding facilities. Our technical staff are both interested and pleased to advise you upon your particular application, and look forward to discussing your requirements.