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Core Pin Installation Notes

Place a small amount of INTERTHERM-90TM of INTERBOND-85TM into the tip on the Super Thermal Conductor and insert the component into the core drilling applying only a light compressive force (less than 1 kg) until the interfacing compound is extruded back up the air gap in the drilling.

Once fully inserted, rotate and slightly withdraw to spread the compound evently.

The Super Thermal Conductor is then pushed fully into its final inserted position.

Note: The clearance radial gap is taken up with INTERTHERM-90TM or INTERBOND-85TM thermal interfacing compound, which fills the interface surface irregularities.

With a thin film section, the thermal compound has a thermal conductivity approaching that of the surrounding tool steel, so effectively from a thermal aspect, it is as if the Super Thermal Conductors are virtually “cast in”.

Tight fitting holes are to be avoided as they do not usually produce a good thermal joint.

Normally, with a tight fit, only point contact is achieved in several places and this also restricts the even spread the thermal interfacing compound.