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Core Cooling Applications

Super Thermal Conductors offer an excellent means of cooling core-pins and as compared with conventional methods.

The following illustrations show variations of core cooling using Super Thermal Conductors and a conventional water cooled example.

Providing cooling water circulation through core pins can involve expensive tooling costs and during arduous moulding operations unforeseen problems occur frequently.

From new, corrosion and scale deposition of contaminants in the cooling medium begin to clog flow channels.

This is often most prevalent at changes in cross-section and at bends.

Scale build – up gradually reduces cooling efficiency due to the reduction of the flow channel cross-section eventually resulting in complete blockages.

The most rapid scale deposition occurs as a result of nucleate boiling at the tip of the core, restricting cooling efficiency at this, the most vital region……

Super Thermal Conductor installed in Core-Pins

Performance and Operational Temperature

Core-Pin Cooling without Water

Baffled Super Thermal Conductors

Annular Super Thermal Conductors