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High temperature resistant casting resin especially for industrial use.

This type is non corroding, antimagnethic and cures practically without shrinkage.

The cured material may be also machined drilled, milled, ground and filed.

Interbond-85TM is a two component epoxy resin filled with high content of aluminium to provide excellent thermal performance.


Instructions for use:

Surface preparation:
It’s strongly recommended that all surfaces that are to receive Interbond-85TM be thoroughly clean and free of all dirt, grease, rust and all other contaminates that might interfere with the proper adheason of the Interbond-85TH.

Interbond-85TH comes in two components (IB 85 resin and IB 85 activator) Squeeze out the content of the resin and the activator into a mixing cup.

Mix with a mixing stick both components to ensure a thorough mixture of the resin and the activator.

For bubble free mixture slowly stir the mixture with the mixing stick.

Be sure to stir the mixture at least 2 minutes to ensure that all resin and activator have completely mixed.

If not complete content of the package will used take care that Interbond-85TM resin and Interbond-85TM activator will be mixed in a weight ratio of 100:11 – or in volume ratio of 5:1 apply Interbond-85TM or use as needed.

Precure at room temperature for at leas 2 hours.

Cure Interbond epoxy for 2 hours at +120 °C. Do not use open flame to cure.

Proberty  Limit of Measure Test
Mixing Ratio
Weight % Resin/Activator
Volume % Resin/Activator
Temperature Range - 35°C to + 220°C  
Cure time 14 - 24 hours at room temperature
1 - 14 hours at 120°C
Compressiv 140 MPa DIN 5328183
Tensile 25 MPa DIN 5328183
Flexura 77 MPa DIN 5328183
Impact 60 KJ/m2 DIN 5328183
E-Module 5800 - 6000 MPa DIN 5328183
Hardness 90 Shore DIN 5328183
Shrinkage 0.01 % DIN 5328183
Viscosity with activator 25.000 mPa.s DIN 5328183