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Cooljets Series Flow

Series Flow Cool Jets, are suitable for use in virtually all situations, enabling extensive versatility in mould tool design.

They offer a perfect solution for both single and multi-cavity mould tools with space limitations for the cooling system.

Series Flow Cool Jets are normally connected with a single flow channel in series, but it is worth nothing that they can also be connected in parallel between pressure and return flow channels without using increased plate thickness.

Generally, parallel flow connection is preferred and where possible, should be used for moulds with 8 or more impressions.

Cool Jet-Series Flow - Options

Series Flow Cool Jets are available in tree ranges of Cool Jet body nominal size of Ø 10 mm, Ø 16 mm and Ø 25 mm.

Port Configuration

There are 4 options for outlet ports: “I” inline, “L” left, “R” right or “U” universal. The inlet port is aligned adjacent to the location pin Outlet port directions determined as viewed from the location pin end of the Cool Jet manifold block.

O-Ring Seals

There are 4 opinions for o-ring locations: “S” standard “D” double, both available with “F” front face core pin seal.