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Heatpipe Heat Exchanger

Heatpipe Heat Exchangers are easily adaptable to any custom specific application.

Fin size and number of fins can be designed exactly to the thermmal requirements and the different air velocities between ambient and internal loops.

DAU Heatpipe Heat Exchangers can be mounted externally, partially recessed or captured within duct.

This solution has several advantages compored to the traditional use of a refrigeration.

System and is an excellent choise due to the low weight, compact size, high efficiency, reliability and low maintenance.

Typical technical data   Typische technische Daten
Power rating 200 W to 20 kW Verlustleistung
Max. Temp. Rise above ambient 25°C Max. Temperaturerhöhung
Operating Temperature + 10°C to 125°C Einsatztemperaturbereich
Storage Temperature - 65°C to 125°C Lagertemperaturbereich
Operating position Vertical (# 20 degrees) Einbaulage