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Heat Exchanger Series 720

High-Reliability Liquid-to Air Copper
Circuit Heat Exchangers


Copper Tubes and Copper Fins

Thermatron Engineering 720 Series compact copper circuit heat exchangers provide maximum reliability heat transfer for open or closed-loop liquid cooling of electronics in marine applications.

Designed for use with water or other non-agressive coolants.

The 720 Series heat exchanger models are manufactured to computer grade reliability standards.

Coolant circuits are all copper tubing with metalically bonded copper fins; frame is of fabricated aluminum complete with fan plenum and mounting fasteners.

Joints are silver brazed and assemblies are pressure rated to 150 PSIG.

All 720 Series heat exchangers are hot water flushed and Cobratec™ treated internally for long-term corrosion resistance.

Finish is scratch-resistant gray lacquer.

Terminations are MIL-SPEC stainless steel flare fittings; stub tubes and hose bead terminations are also available.

Custom 720 designs are produced by Thermatron Engineering for specific dimensional and performance requirements.

Thermal performance

Pressure Drop for Air Flow

Pressure drop for Water Flow