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Cabinet Cooling

High density packaging of power electronics creaters increased heat dissipation requirements with the same size or even smaller sizes of cabinet enclosures.

Therefore effective cabinet cooling has become increasingly more important.

DAU has developed a series of air to air Heatpipe heat exchangers called HE and HEF Series that prevent sensitive electronic components from overheating.

Designed to mount into the side or top of the cabinet DAU Heatpipe Heat Exchangers provide for greater reliability with low maintenance costs.

For most applications, air conditioners or liquid to air heat exchangers are not necessary and are even to expensive.

With DAU Heatpipe heat exchangers, the internal and external air streams are isolated from one another to prevent ingress of moisture, dirt, or dust to the electronic circuits.

All units can be provided with mounting flanges – the HEF Series includes fans.

DAU Heatpipe Heat exchangers provide adequate cooling with low temperature differential above ambient temperature.

Principle of operation:

Simple Top In Model
Flush Mount Model