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Extrusion LED Heatsink

Heatpipes and Systems for High Thermal Performance

High Power LED Applications

High Power LEDs will likely replace conventional light sources in the very near future.

LEDs offer lower energy consumption and extended life span.

However, cooling of the LEDs is extremely important to avoid the reduction of light output and chip degradation.

DAU High Power LED Cooling Series STC120 and 150 have been designed to provide optimum cooling performance for most of all types of High Power LED modules (such as Citizen, Bridgelux, Osram, Philips, Tridonic, Xicato and others).

Modell Diameter x HeightCoreCooling
Power (W)
STC120x050-AL-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x50mmALP < 10 Watts33
STC120x050-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x50mmCUP < 20 Watts33
STC120x070-AL-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x70mmALP < 25 Watts33
STC120x070-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x70mmCUP < 30 Watts33
STC120x080-AL-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x80mmALP < 28 Watts33
STC120x100-AL-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x100mmALP < 30 Watts33
STC120x100-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x100mmCUP < 40 Watts33
STC120x120-AL-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x120mmALP < 35 Watts33
STC120x120-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x120mmCUP < 50 Watts33
STC120x150-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x150mmCUP < 60 Watts33
STC120x200-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x200mmCUP < 80 Watts33
STC120x250-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 120x250mmCUP < 100 Watts33

Modell Diameter x HeightCoreCooling
Power (W)
STC150x050-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 150x50mmCUP < 30 Watts33
STC150x080-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 150x80mmCUP < 50 Watts33
STC150x100-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 150x100mmCUP < 60 Watts33
STC150x135-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 150x135mmCUP < 80 Watts33
STC150x170-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 150x170mmCUP < 100 Watts33
STC150x200-CU-LEDExtrusion heatsink Ø 150x200mmCUP < 120 Watts33