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Pressed fin LED Heatsink

Heatpipes and Systems for High Thermal Performance

High Power LED Applications

DAU STC LED Heat sinks are designed to provide the optimum compromise between high surface area and areodynamics.

This design ensures adequate cooling of the LED module even for the case of no forced convection in the air. Furthermore, a heat spreader with a flat contact area ensures that the heat from the module will be transfered as efficiently as possible into the Heatpipe and then further on into the fins.The contact block is machined flat and the module can be fixed with screws to the contact block.

Advantages of the DAU LED cooling units are compact sizes, zero noise level, long life spans and easy installations.

 Heat Sink Specification  
Cooling Power (W)
Modell DiameterHeightAl-CoreBase-Ø
STC114x056-AL-33S Ø 1146133Ø 70,5 x 5P < 20
STC121x056-AL-40SØ 1216140Ø 70,5 x 5P < 25
STC143x056-AL-33SØ 1436133Ø 70,5 x 5P < 32
STC150x056-AL-40SØ 1506140Ø 70,5 x 5P < 35
STC143x080-AL-33SØ 1438033Ø 60,5 x 5P < 40

 Heat Sink Specification   
Cooling Power (W)
Modell DiameterHeightCu-CoreBase mm
STC143x055-33S Ø 143554053,5 x 5P < 40
STC150x055-40SØ 150554053,5 x 5P < 45
STC143x100-33SØ 1431053353,5 x 5P < 75
STC150x100-40SØ 1501054053,5 x 5P < 90
STC143x150-33SØ 1431553353,5 x 5P < 100
STC150x150-40SØ 15015540108 x 5P < 125