DAU - A Miba Group Company

Hockey Puck Cooler KWK

The series KWK is specifically designed for cooling a stack of power semiconductor discs like IGCT‘s or GTO‘s.

Inlet and outlet fittings can be added to the liquid cooling plate.

This highly effective cooling plate with its superior thermal performance is made from high quality copper and is plated with minimum 8 mm nickel.

Dimensions in mm
   57-84 85-98 100-100 125-125 
A 84 98 100 125
B 57 85 100 125
C 23 23 23 23
D 28,5 42,5 77 102
Clamp force (max KN) 50 100 100 135
Flow Rate (l/min)   6 l/min nominal (4 to 15 l/min)
Pressure drop (bar at 6l/min)   0,39  0,21  0,18  0,28
Test pressure (bar/min)   7/20
Rth at 6 l/min   13,9  7,7  6,1  5,9
Temperature range  -40°C to +40°C

Design engineers are always looking for better methods to cool their power semiconductors.

DAU has therefore developed a new state of the art hockey puck cooling system – the series KWK.

This cooling system made from copper and plated with nickel (max 8 mm) is especially designed for stacking IGCT and GTO disc semiconductors with diameters from 50 to 125 mm.

This type KWK is especially designed for IGCT discs with different diameters.

The enormous advantage of the series KWK is that the configuration of the water connectors can be easily adapted according the stacking requirements of the customer.

It is possible to adapt the configuration of the water connectors and also the electrical connectors – inline configurations (inlet on one side and outlet on the opposite side) as well as inlet and outlet connectors on one side.

Different fitting sizes for the fluid Inlet/Outlet are available.

The size of the fittings depend on the outside dimensions of the cooling plate and can therefore be up to ½ inch.

Several materials (from brass to stainless steel) are available.

All KWK Hockey Puck Coolers can be used with either deionized water or waterglycol mixtures.

DAU Hockey Puck Coolers series KWK can be designed for nearly all requested thermal resistance and pressure drops by modifying the internal water flow pattern.

The Hockey Puck Coolers can also be supplied with integrated bus bars for electrical connection of the semiconductors.

As with the fittings it is also possible to configure the connector according to custom requirements.