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Super Thermal Conductors - Heatpipes and Systems for High Thermal Performance

Super Thermal Conductors are specially optimised high performance Heat Pipes.

These amazingly conductive components are used both in heating and cooling situations where the thermal conduction of the tooling component section needs to be increased.

Super Thermal Conductors have a thermal absorption and transfer system which can carry over 1000 times more power than an equivalent size rod of copper for the same applied temperature gradient.

Super Thermal Conductors are very easy and convenient to install and effectively raise the conductivity and also isothermalize the cavity core and mould plates into which they are installed.

How does a Super Thermal Conductor work?

A Super Thermal Conductor comprises of a sealed evacuated metal envelope containing a porous capillary action wick lining which is charged with a working fluid.

The preferred working fluid is usually high purity water which exists as a saturated vapour within the vessel.

When heat is applied to any point along the external surface of the Super Thermal Conductor, the fluid inside evaporates at this point and then condenses again at any other place which is at a fractionally lower temperature.

In so doing, the latent heat capacity of the working fluid is utilised to great effect, resulting in a very efficient energy transfer with minimal internal resistance. The passive operation of the STC requires no external motive power except for that of the applied temperature differential –“ΔT” of the thermal load.


  • Extremely High Thermal Conduction and Fast Response to Thermal Loading.
  • Improved Cycle Times and Quality of Moulded Components.
  • Very easy to install and cost effective
  • Simplifies Tooling Design and Construction.
  • High Reliability and Consistent Performance.
  • Passive Operation – No External Motive Power Requirement.
  • Superb Isothermalization Capabilities