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Thermal Interface Compounds

Intertherm-90™, Intertherm-95™ & Interbond-85™

Thermal Compound 


Intertherm-90™  Intertherm-95™ 
Product Type Thermally conductive epoxy adheasive Thermally conductive grease Thermally conductive grease
Thermal Base Aluminium Powder Powdered Metal Oxyd Powdered Metal Oxide
Base Component Epoxy resin Non Silicon Fluid Silicon Fluid
Thermal Conductivity 0.85 W/m °C 0.90 W/m °C 3.00 W/m °C
Max. Operating Temp. + 260°C + 150°C + 200°C
Cure Time at 120°C  3 hrs Non applicable Non applicable
Pack Size 5cc Syringe + Actrivator 10 cc Syringe 10 cc Syringe

In every thermal application where heat energy has to be transferred by conduction from one surface to another it is vital in order to achieve performance gains that interfacing is optimised to reduce thermal resistance.

This is a major consideration for the mould tool engineer as the ability of the mould tool to consistently produce high quality mouldings rapidly depends upon efficient heat dissipation.