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Foil Trimming Capacitors

The data book below is meant fo inform you about the programme of DAU-foil-trimming-capacitors.

In addition we can realize special construction problems too, for example: special adjustment, pin configuration, dielectric, etc.

Should you have special requirements, please contact us.

The foil-trimming-capacitors are in accordance with DIN IEC 418-1 and 4 - former DIN 44261 part 3.

The testing methods for sampling and data evaluation are in accordance with MIL-STD-105D and IEC410 (former DIN 44260).

The solderability or heat resistance of the foil-trimmer-capacitors comply with DIN IEC 68-2-20 part 2 - Test Ta and Tb.

Each capacitor is tested for minimum and maximum capacitance value and is also subjected to the full test voltage.

If no technical conditions of delivery have been negotiated the components will be delivered according to AQL (0,65 for major defects and 2,5 for minor defects).

Find out more detailed information in the data-book:

Download data book DAU timmer capacitors