DAU - A Miba Group Company

Punching- and Plastik Molding Technique

  • Long experience in punching/stamping technique
  • State of the Art production equipment
  • Stamping parts with material thickness from 0.012 to 3 mm
  • Tool Desing + Toolproduction + Stamping part production = Precision Punching Parts from DAU

Flat Connectors of different styles according DIN 46244 can be manufactored for electrical divices.

Switching Contacts made from Cu Be 2, Cu Ni 18, Zn 20, Cu Sn 6.


Batterie Contacts

Small quantities and prototype at reasonable costs

Mounting assemblies with anti twist lock

Custom specific solutions for rotary knob

Solderable metal parts molded with high temperature plastic (PPS) for component industry

Individual Parts

Combinations - Metals and Plastics made in one piece.

Special Connector System to improve life time in white goods applications.

Partial gold plating is available to improve contact resistance and keep costs low as possible.

Lead assemblies for varistors

Fuse Clips

Cable Connectors

Protective cap made from stainless steel (1.4310) for glassindustry

Custom specific plug in connectors

Water proofed connector for avalance rescue device

Complete Assemblies

Or as preassembly can be offered at reasonable costs.