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Tflex™ 300 Series Gap Filler Material

Ultra Compliant, Thermal Gap Filler for High-Speed Computing and Telecommunications Applications.

Tflex™ 300 is a silicone gel combined with a ceramic powder to offer an unique combination of compliancy, thermal resistance and price.

Tflex™ 300, at pressures of 50 psi, deflect over 50% the original thickness. This high rate of compliancy allows the material to "totally blanket" the component, enhancing thermal transfer. The material has a very low compression set enabling the pad to be reused many times.

Tflex™ 300, in achieving its stellar compliancy, does not sacrifice thermal performance. With a thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/m-K, low thermal resistances can be achieved at low pressures. Tflex™ 300 is offered with a hard, metallized liner option for easy handling and improved rework. This metallized liner offers better thermal transfer than other silicone based liners found on comparable products. The metallized liner's lower coefficient of friction also allows for easy assembly of parts that must slide together, such as a card into a chassis.