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Tflex™ HR400 Series Thermal Gap Filler

Mid-Performance Gap Filler with 1.8 W/mK

Tflex™ HR400 is a cost-effective and compliant gap filler thermal interface material with excellent thermal performance and great handling for mass-production applications.

The low modulus interface pad conforms to component topography, resulting in little stress on the components, mating chassis or parts. The softness relieves mechanical stress from high stack-up tolerance and absorbs shock, resulting in improved device reliability. Tflex™ HR400’s recovery properties for applications requiring material rework result in continued mechanical integrity even after device rework and re-assembly.

Tflex™ HR400 is naturally tacky on both sides and requires no additional adhesive coating to inhibit thermal performance. The tack is designed to hold the pad in place during assembly and component transport.

Tflex™ HR400 is electrically insulating, stable from -50ºC thru 160ºC, and meets UL 94V0 flame rating.