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Tgrease™ 880

Tgrease™ 880 is a silicone based, high performance thermal grease designed to meet the thermal, reliability and price requirements of high end CPUs, GPUs and custom ASICs chips.

Tgrease™ 880 has superior wetting properties to comparable grease and fills the microscopic irregularities of the components it contacts, resulting in very low thermal resistance.

Tgrease™ 880 provides outstanding reliability. It is stable, does not dry out, settle, harden or pump out. In addition, Tgrease™ 880 meets all environmental standards including RoHS.

Tgrease™ 880 is easy to use, affording an enhanced viscosity for screen printing and stenciling.

Tgrease™ 880 is supplied in half kg, one kg and three kg containers. Syringes are available upon request.