DAU - A Miba Group Company

Thermal Modeling

Optimization of cooling solutions requires substantial thermal design expertise.

DAU can offer over 20 years of experience in high power cooling solutions.

Modern software for CFD computer simulations permits optimization of heat sinks before building samples.

Then the calculated results can be verified by test measurements in the existing wind tunnel or liquid cooling test apparatus.

The design of the cooling solution will be achieved by our specialists according to customer specific requirements.

DAU uses Flotherm, a powerful CFD simulation software tool for thermal design.

It enables engineers to create virtual models, perform thermal analysis and test design modifications quickly and easily in the early stages of the design process, well before any physical prototypes are built.

This significantly reduces design and product costs as well as design time.

The DAU Thermal Modeling Design Centre serves to assist customers achieve optimum and economical solutions for their electronic cooling application.

This can be done for air, liquid and heat pipe cooling technologies.

And with an accumulation of over 2 decades in this field of technology, DAU brings a wealth of experience to the advantage of its customers.

KS-292-417-UXPs without turbos